FM12 Voting Change

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FM12 Voting Change

Post  Belly on Sat Nov 05, 2011 3:36 pm

Issue being voted on - New members and sacked managers have to take one of the promoted teams.

1.Oliver votes yes
2.belly votes yes
3.Jimmy not yet voted
4.Kim votes yes
5.Grant votes dont mind
6.Geir votes not yet voted
7.Ali votes yes
8.Jack votes yes

Yes Vote = 5
No Vote = 0
Dont Mind Vote = 1
Not yet voted = 2

Therefore the rule has been voted in and updated on the clan website.

Remember if it appears not to work as intended a revised rule can always be put forward for voting. Current Clan rules have evolved over 3 versions of FM.

Lets not forget rule 3.

The following sides cannot be taken at any time with a new profile but the job can be taken if offered. It can also be applied for.

1.Man utd
3.Man city

So if any of the above are a newly promoted side they cannot be taken.


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