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Post  Belly on Thu Mar 31, 2011 1:42 pm

Following the decision to return our numbers to 15 i have found 2 new FM Players.

There details are as follows :

Player 1 :

Name - Sam Johnson.

Age - 21, 22 this year.

Location - Lancashire, Manchester.

Team supported - Liverpool.

I am online all the time so I can make it on Monday and Tuesday no problem but by the way, do you mean 7 - 12 as in 7am to 12pm or 7pm to 12am?

I have skype yes but I am deaf so cant use mic.

Game version, I am using steam so I got every patches available to use.

Computer processer - dual processor and 4gb of memory, 50kpbs of speed for internet which is more than very good.

I played with a clan on FM09 and more recently on FM11 I played online often.

thank you

Player 2 :

Name : Jak Ball

Whats your age : 21

Location : Plymouth

Team u support : Plymouth Argyle

Can u Make Session Times - Mon & Tue 7-11pm and Wed 7-12pm : Yes i can make all of these times and am flexible if times ever changed

Do you have Skype with Mic : Yes i have both

Any Plans for next 12 Months which could result in you leaving the clan : No changes

Game Version? The newest patch

Computer Processor , memory and Internet connection? Processor is Intel(R) Core (TM)2 Duo CPU, Memory is 55.8 GB (C and 54.4GB in (E I also have a broadband internet with a fast connection.

Have you played online before? I have played online quite a few times but have never been lucky enough to join a succesful clan.

Thanks for messaging me.

I have spoken to both members on Skype and explained how the clan is run and how we do things. Both lads are ok with everything and cant wait to return the banter that im sure will be imcoming and that includes Deafo as well Steve.

As you know he will be on skype but cant use the MIC part so will be another Paul but obviously he wont hear the chatter that Paul does but like steve said before i couldnt really hold that against the guy.

I would recommend that both members are voted in to join. 1 member would be to replace Will and the other would be to replace Jonny who is leaving us ina few weeks. Also with Oliver looking like he may not return and Davie as reliable as a Yugo i cant see it being a problem.

There contact details are as follows:

Jak - MSN is and skype is jakfirst1990
Sam - skype - sammy20113 msn ID -

So add them and start getting to know them so we can get the vote done early on monday at 7.

Sam is away at his GF this weekend but will be back on Skype Sunday night in time for your interogations.



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