Premiership Glory Football Team

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Premiership Glory Football Team

Post  Belly on Tue Jan 18, 2011 2:44 pm

Manager : Belly Mcfish

Assistant Manager : Jimmy Jackson ( Jimmy would take over team affairs just in case i have to to move house )

Gk : - (WILL) They say you have to be mad to be a goalkeeper so in the clans case there was only 1 person for the job.

LB : - (NATHAN) Having watched Forest for Years i would of hoped that Nath has picked up a few things by the definative Left Back in Stuart Pearce.

RB: - (FRED) I decided to put Fred behind Stu as thats where hes gonna finish this year in League 1.

CD - (DAVIE) I needed someone at the back to understand and act as interpreter for Will, Davie was the only choice.

CD - (KIM) I thought it would be amusing to put Kim, Davie and Will together. So if we lose we can still amuse ourselves with the communication at the back.

CM - (JOE) I needed someone in the Centre Midfield to Clogg the opposition into submission and there was only 1 man for the job..

CM - (JONNY) Jonny is my Secret Weapon - He will maintain Joe's motivation by threatening him with the M word..

LW - (STEVE) - With Steve on the Left Wing and Stu on the Right Wing this kind of explains itself..

FC - (MIKE) - If Mike can hold up the ball like he holds up the game then he should do well.

FC - (GEIR) - Geir is the master Finisher - he dont care if its a woman, man , or has four legs is awake of asleep. He will stick it in..

SUBS - Oliver and Paul Subs - Old Veteran Oli and New signing Paul provide cover ..

My Premiership Glory Team..

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