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Rule Change

Post  Belly on Thu Dec 30, 2010 5:01 pm

ok - i propose a rule change - current rule is 7. A sacking is a sacking, and you will either have to apply for a new job, or retire and start at least 1 position below the manager with the lowest league position that is currently playing the clan game.

I propose that a minimum of 5 league matches must be played !!!!

1.belly votes yes
2.Stuart votes no
3.Steve votes yes
4.Joe votes yes
5.Jonny votes no
6.Jimmy votes yes
7.Davie abstains
8.Will votes no
9.Kim votes yes
10.Oliver votes yes
11.Geir votes yes
12.Mike votes yes
13.Fred absent
14.Nathan votes yes

Yes = 9
No = 3

Rule now in force

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