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Post  Stevo on Sun Dec 05, 2010 5:33 pm

I've come up with the idea of recording a pod-cast, this will allow us to relive the important games and sample a bit of the banter for others who may want to listen to us!

I propose recording an hour of footage, directly from Skype, with simply an introduction from me to each pod-cast and then simply to say end of part x, then as we resume recording, welcome to part y. If you wish we could also discuss some of the issues of the day, mainly football, but the pod-cast will focus on the clan and it's games. I personally think it would be hilarious to capture some of the banter. Imagine being able to re-listen to the last day of last season and then the play-off games that followed. Or better still Jack's breakdown on FM. And finally imagine being able to use the audio from the podcast to put to youtube videos to really complete the experience.

Here's the link, we're awaiting iTunes allowing our podcast to be added to their list, so that we can all download it from a variety of media.



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