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Other FM Clan

Post  Belly on Thu Dec 17, 2009 10:09 am

Here is the website of the other major FM clan :


and here are there rules :

1) All players to log into Skype (at 16:30-45)

1a) Before joining the network could you please untick move for TV matches.

2) If you can't make a session let one of us know before hand, email, post on thread etc. [games now run a three strikes and out]

3) If sacked you have 4 weeks ( real time ) to find a club, if you fail to find a club you must retire, or retire at any point before hand, then re-enter the game with the mark II or III etc etc penalty.

4) Playing times will be 17:00-02:00 but if all agree maybe we could carry on.

5) Never give out IP to anyone outside the game unless the host has given them permission.

6) Team selection, for new starts. sides from England below the last humans, (random pick).

7) All players are to be using FM2009 with Official patches only, illegal copies of FM are not wanted here.

Cool If a job comes up in another division or for instance you can apply, you can declare on any job, if declaring on a job held by a human gaffer you can only apply to that job, and no other and you must take it, no declaring to get someone sacked then refusing the job.

9) Friendly matches must be handled by assistants, as well as press conference, barr playing a fellow human or a rival club.

10) Holiday period will be set at the end of each season to get pre-season done quicker.

11) There are no restriction on transfers. but there is a gentleman agreement on u17 players, that some players try and stick to.

12) Play in windowed mode if possible.

13) Play on fast setting with Key highlights, replay's your own choice.

14) Game preferences, to keep the game moving as fast as possible the following setting must be unticked on all pc's, Show Player Pictures, Show Badges / Logos, Show Background Pictures, Show Unique ID's, the sound option is optional.

15) A 30second auto continue is used after 10% of players have continued, the host has the right to force anyone after a certain lenght of time. Ask if you need time, anyone who repeated slows the game down to a point were they are ruining it for the rest you will be asked to leave. With the idle function in 08 anyone found idle for 1mins will be forced or put on holiday.

15a) If your not playing and others are waiting, you will be put onto holiday mode or dropped.

16) Permission must be asked through Skype to join the game, don't connect to host without asking, this can crash the game.

17) If you crash out while playing ask host when you can join back in again to prevent host crash, if the host crashes then there no point in moaning at him, just get on with it.

18) Each member of the clan is required to post at least one update a month in the game thread on http://www.sigames.com/ I'm sure we each spend at least 5 mins a month online doing nothing, so support the clan and the community, get your game update posts done.

All rules are subject to change by a majority vote from the clan members, asking for rule change must happen in chat room during game play and will be voted on at end of that session.

I do like rule 14 , What do u guys think - Also ALL of there members untick the move matches for Tv which would suggest this may impact fixtures dates even if 1 player doesnt do it.

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Re: Other FM Clan

Post  ferninho on Thu Dec 17, 2009 3:06 pm

I'm not turning me shit on and off every time I play. Plus my pc is very fast and I have an excellent connection.


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