What do you miss in FM10?

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What do you miss in FM10?

Post  alvaan on Tue Dec 08, 2009 3:16 am

The first thing I think about that I'm missing on FM10 is a better 'Holiday' function. Why you may ask? Well, since we mainly play online/clan games, there are times were you have people not able to make it, and I think there's a few things that could be done to better the holiday function.

Like option to set the AI to sell and buy certain players, not just accept/reject all. Maybe be able to set up a list of players you want the AI to try and get, in a specified order, with max bids, how much to increase bid if rejected, and how much wages to allow for each target.

The same goes when you're trying to sell someone, but are on holiday. It should be possible to set some "minimum fee release clause" which the AI would accept if it got the offer. Also, a list of players you wanted to offload, set "preferred price" and "minimum price" so that the AI could try and offer those away and accept if offers fell inside your category.

I had some other ideas as well, but seem to have slipped my mind because of co-workers wanting me to actually do some work Shocked


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Re: What do you miss in FM10?

Post  Johannes on Tue Dec 08, 2009 4:07 am

Kim: get to work ASAP!!

Not much if anything missing imo, the game is already really deep. Some would say too deep and perhabs an idea would be to load the game without some features running, just to please some peope. Not sure if its a good idea, as people can always let their assman do things for them and hardly ever use some features.

There's lots of options and many features available. I can only complain about a few things which needs tweaking. Like regens. Sometimes its very unrealistic how the regens are, they may have stupidly high attributes for something like finishing but crap elsewhere. Or really high influence at 16 year old. Its just unrealistic. Also some regens start in the game at 19-20 and are at that time almost good enough for premiership. Some would say, it happens like with Gerrard, Rooney etc. but those players were highly touted youngsters before making their first appearences.

However there is one thing I've mentioned before on the SI forum, regarding the search engine. I want it to be similar to wikipedia's search engine, for example, I'm type in "Steven Gerrard" in the search in FM10 and I'd like his profile to pop straight up as there's only one Steve Gerrard in the game and why should I have to select from the only Steven Gerrard available. However, this means that if you search for "Gerrard" you'll have to select from Gerrards available in the database.

Regarding the min fee AI can accept, that actually does excist in the game. If you go to each player's transfer status you can set "asking price" and select "accept asking price but reject lower". However then you have to set asking price for each player realistically and change it often in regards to the player's value. It can also backfire against you if you forgot to unselect it. Also if you offer players to clubs or negotiate an offer for a player his asking price changed accordingly. It has backfired against me before.


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Re: What do you miss in FM10?

Post  ferninho on Wed Dec 09, 2009 10:07 am

The title should be - "what would make FM 10 better?"

maybe the option to bone your secretary or the physio's wife. An option to kick a boot into pretty boy's face.

the media bits are getting better, but there's still a long way to go. The game gets better features every year and thankfully this one is faster, not slower for once, than it's predecessor


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Re: What do you miss in FM10?

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